The best traffic explosion Methods 2022. how to get over 300k visitors per month. 7 effective methods you must try in 2022

The Best Traffic Explosion Methods

Getting more traffic is the goal that all blogger or all affiliate marketer seeking to.
getting more traffic means that you increase your chance in getting more sales and conversion rates

we will show you the best traffic explosion Method in 2022 that you must try

1- find a forum It is number one website to find discussion forums in several niches like weight loss, internet marketing, Real Estate, video editing, Mental health, stock marketing, etc……….

In this website you will find thousands of forums that you can engage with people, put your website link, put your affiliate marketing links, create your posts and comment below someone’s else post

Find a forum niches

this is one of the best way to get more traffic as you will find some forum that cross million visitor per month which is a great chance to get traffic for your website or affiliate links from it.

In this image you will find example for forums in internet marking niche that cross million of posts so it is a very great chance for you

In this image you will find example for forums in internet marking niche that cross million of posts so it is a very great chance for you

2- Quora ” the best traffic explosion method”

Quora is a Q&A website and you not only will get traffic from it you will also get more knowledge and you can share your experience on it. on Quora you will find answer to any question you have and you can also answer people’s questions linking these answers to your website this will give you more traffic and also more followers as you give them value

Quora has over million of visitors per month. Most of visitors from USA and Canada so they

How can you get traffic from quora 2022

First way is to answer people’s question but don’t tell them you will find answer here this not allowed

you must give them value then kindly put your link

sec method is to create your own space in quora and start to post you blogs or links in quora

start to invite people to follow your space and the best thing about quora that it also allow you to make money from these spaces so you can benefit from your website and your space

third way is to start post in huge spaces and this will need you to give people valuable information then the admin can accept your post by this way you can get thousands of visitors to your link or you can ask for contribute in huge spaces so can get more chances to get more visitors

3- Email marketing

Email marketing is a very powerful method for traffic explosion. you can send from 10k up to 100k per day

In my opinion this the best way to reach thousands of people and not only promote links you can directly promote products and you also can invite people for free course or give them free ebook to enter their emails and their information this called “lead magnet” you give them free something to capture their information.

I will tell you in details how you can find list and how to send up to 10k per day

As a new blogger or affiliate marketer you don’t have a list of thousand people so you will use something cold email marketing

you will get lead using linkedin or using google search by for example write ”digital marketing” “USA” ”” or if you want from yahoo Type ”” or ”” if you want leads using hotmail

and you will find several emails and by this way you can collect hundreds of emails using search engine then you need to download extension in your google chrome to help collect these emails automatically

Second choice for you: you can download a list from youtube and i don’t recommend this as they are not valid and fake emails

Third choice for you is that: you can go to any lead finder website and these websites give thousands of emails according to your target keywords or your niche. I highly recommend for 7d lead finder the cheapest website get valid leads from 7D lead finder website Now

once you get the leads you need to validate these emails you can use free website to validate these leads before sending emails to avoid blocking you and avoid high bounce rate

This website called ”Gmass” you can validate your list and extract the first name from this email list and all of these options are free to use

Once you get valid list you can start to send them through any sender you can use mailchimp for free it allows you to add 2k contact. and you can use outlook which allow you to send 10k email per day and this a great method to explosion your traffic

4-Tumblr website

It is a social media website that have over million visitor per month and the best thing about it is that tumblr allows you to build your own blog inside it

so you can use it to link to your website or even drop your blog links or your affiliate link so it is one of the Best Traffic Explosion Methods

5-Pinterest The Best Traffic Explosion website

Pinterest is a very effective and common way to get more traffic to your website by designing a creative and attractive pin so that attract people to click on the pin which is linked to your blog post or your affiliate link


It is one of the most important social media platform that you can use to get more traffic using large facebook groups and pages. once you create a valuable content people will engage with your posts and share them so that you get maximum traffic from facebook

and you not only will get traffic you will also increase and build brand awareness and help more people to know about your website or brand.

conclusion in this article you will find 6 of the most effective methods to get thousands of free traffic fast with new and powerful methods 2022