To be a successful podcaster don’t make this things,How to make your podcast as a business?

To be a successful podcaster don't make this things

there are a lot of people try to be a podcaster and start their online carrier

So before you start this carrier to should know the things that make you failed and avoid it

in this blog i tell you about 4 mistakes you should avoid

To be a successful podcaster don’t make this things

1: your podcast is too broad

Try to start with one niche to target one category of people because being more specific will help you more to make your audience

when you target one category of people it’s increase your chance for success

And also start with one platform to make your job because it also help you to make your audience and people wait for your episode

and also start with one communication platform allow you to communicate with your audience and know their opinions on your episode and try to make their needs

so be specific and choose one niche and one platform and one communication platform is the first advice I can tell you about it

2: your podcast is too pouring

try to be fun to attract people to your episode especially in the beginning of the episode

don’t choose pouring content and also try to choose helpful content to your audience

you can also tell your audience about some helpful products in your episode and take your commission and do it as a business to help your audience and also make money

3: don’t be similar to another one

try to be yourself and be creative and attractive and It is also necessary to not compare yourself with another one

but spend this time working hard and improve your skills and increase your knowledge and also to put a good plan to your episodes

and thinking about increase your audience and increase your income and improve your business

4: don’t make good marketing to yourself or your podcast

make good marketing will increase your audience more fast so you can follow this steps to increase your audience

1: choose one niche to start with because people like to hang out with people like them

2: get very clear with your massaging when you mission your beliefs you massage is clear your ideas and it’s easy to other people to connect them

3: make good relationship

4: being a guest on other podcast because it is very helpful to you to increase your followers

5: make content that people like to share

How to make your podcast as a business?

after working as a podcaster for long time I can tell you how to increase your income from this carrier

1: you can make ebooks and recommend it to your audience to buy it

2: you can also make handmade products and also sell it

3: work as affiliate marketing and sell another one products and take your commission

4: pot the episode on YouTube and get money from views

5: get money from your audience as apetreon

Patreon is a tool which allows you to essentially collect money from your audience who are the fans of your show

6: you can sell your software programs or your online courses

7: you can share links of your bLogs if you write blogs

So To be a successful podcaster don’t make this things and try to increase your income by the previous things