The most professional camera for photography 2022 ,hobbyists and enthusiast level camera, pro cameras

choosing the best camera for you is depends on the use of the camera that you need if you are photographer or need it for making videos on YouTube or anything that you need the camera for it

it also depends on the price and the quality of the camera

so in this blog i will tell you the most professional camera for new and professional photographers

The most professional camera for photography 2022

if you are new photographer and search for good camera for your carrier I can recommend the Nikon d3500 for you

nikon d3500 is the most suitable camera for the begginers who needs to learn because it has a lot of advantage like

1: this camera has 24 megaplex sensor so it is very high resolution sensor same to some expensiveis cameras like canon m50 or Nicon d5600

2: the camera shoots at 5 frames per second which is very fast for vacation photos

travel precious memory or if you just need flex for Instagram

3: the design of the camera is one of the advantages of it because this camera is robust and well built and it’s easy Handel anything throw at it

but the 2 disadvantage of this camera are

1: this camera is not very good in low light but it has a flash Built in it

2: the ergonomics of this camera is not the best intuitive

but if you want more cheaper camera and more easier to use I can recommend canon t7

canon t7 because it does shoot slightly slower at 3 frames per second and has 24 megaplex sensor with spectacular autofocus and build quality

hobbyists and enthusiast level camera

There are 2 kinds of hobbyists and enthusiast camera

1: for people who want beautiful breathtaking photos but don’t need to do any editing so they can use

Fuji x_t3 because this camera used with people who love photography and always want to capture things beautifully but don’t love editing

this camera comes with built in film emulations which give you the kind of vibrant and stylized colors that you would only get after editing

it has 14 bit rock and you could quit easily deliver pro level results with this camera with plenty of flexibility in Lightroom and Photoshop

this camera has 26 megaplex x trans sensor which produce extremely clean and noiseless images

and shoot 11 frame per second with a frame buffer of 42 raw images or 102 jpegs

this camera also can shoot anything you need like sport, wildlife or any type of fast moving action

the autofocus in photo model is quite stellar with face and eye tracking

2: people who love to edit can use Sony a6100 it’s one of the best camera in the market

has 24 megaplex sensor but this sensors the insana in low light it’s clean up to 10000 and 20000 iso and because of the dynamic range in the sensor plus the raw codec you get stellar image quality images don’t lose any quality even after heavy Photoshop retouching

but more importantly this camera has a ton of dynamic range even if your photos are under or overexposed up to 3 stops and when it comes to the actual shooting portion this camera is an absolute beast

this camera shoots 11 frame per second with a massive raw butter of 77raw frames versus the 42 from the Fuji xt3 and more cheaper than Fuji xt3

but the disadvantage of this camera is the design because it is really small lightweight camera so because of the smaller size it has a smaller grip it’s a little bit hard to hold in your hands

it also has a very small battery life

pro cameras

the top of choice is the Nikon d850

The most professional camera for photography 2022

it has a full frame 45 megaplex monster of a sensor and it’s unmatched in dynamic range and image quality because of the Nikon raw codec

it has 7 frame per second but nine with the battery grip

the autofocus is pretty great and this camera has indestructible body

so this camera is very good for professional because it has everything They need

and also I can recommend for you canon r5 or sony a1

the sony a1 can shoot up to 30 frame per second in electronic shutter mode

and then canon r5 does 12 frames per second mechanical and 20 frames per second in electronic

and this camera are far faster sacrificing resolution

the price of sony a1 and Nicon r5 is from 5000 to 7000 dollars and the price of Nikon camera is half of them