The best camera for videos you can use 2022 ,the advantage of full frame camera, some important information about canon m50

If you like to make videos or if you start your online carrier by making videos on YouTube or any other platforms and share it you must have good equipment to improve the quality of this videos

So one of the most important tool you need is the camera ,you must choose camera with high options to improve your business

in this blog i will tell you the best camera for videos you can use

The best camera for videos you can use 2022

1:Nikon B500

The best camera for videos you can use 2022

this camera allows you to zoom into anything almost a mile away with the zoom range of 22 to 900

this camera can use for concerts landscapes family photos, sports games travels and anything you want to throw at it

there are some interesting filter options and it has a 16 megaplex one_ince sensor so the quality will pretty much be on par with a point _and_shoot or a high _end android cell phone

for videos it does full HD and 24 to 30 frames per second but there is no 4k

but this camera have a slow motion options for 60 frames per second and 120 frames per second it only does them is low resolution like 720p and 480p

this camera doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries you have to get triple a batteries from a local store

2: CANON M50

it has 24 megaplex sensor that delivers sharp and highly detailed HD video and it has stunning colors and it also has external audio

It mark 2 version with even faster autofocus because it has eye tracking which is 30% faster and more accurate

it shoots both 24 and 30 frames per second in real time and delivers two times slow motion at 620p

It also does have the option of 120 frames per second but it do it at 720p

this camera has 4k at 23 frames per second but with low quality

3:SONY ZV_ E10

this camera can give you the same specs and features of a professional camera but in a simplified easy to use body specifically made for self shooters and vloggers

It shoots full HD and 4k at 24 and 30 frames per second

it has full HD at 60 frames per second and full HD at 120 frames per second

it is the same level of reliability that you would get from $3000 professional Sony camera and it has great stabilization for handheld shots

but the the battery life is not good about 2 hours but this camera is very good for the hobbyists and the people who start professional work

4: fuji x_t4

this camera can give you 10 _ bit color up to 400 megaplex per second in date rate

it has 4kat 60p and it has very unique film color emulations from the 70s and 80s that you normally find at 35 millimeter film

and these color profiles add a really unique twist to your photos and videos


it is full frame aka the largest sensor size that you can get in a consumer level camera

this camera dose 10 bit color and it is full HD at all the way up to 60 frames per second and it also has full HD up to 120 frames per second at 8_bit color

it also has cinematic color profiles like v_log and advanced color grade profiles built right into the camera

so this camera can used by someone who likes to do advance color grading or some serious commercial color grading

this camera has a crop in 4k mode

But because this camera is full frame camera you will get much cleaner results at higher is and also get much better low light performance and also you get a wider field of view and get much cinematic and impactful images

but the autofocus in this camera is not great but the battery life is good

so in this blog i Can tell you about The best camera for videos you can use 2022