The best way to improve your YouTube channel , the role of questions and answers sites, how to increase your subscribers

The best way to improve your YouTube channel

A lot of people when they decided to work and get money online the first idea and choice is to creat their own youtube channel and start making a content to get more subscribers and start to make money online

Why people think about making youtube channels as a source of money?

because YouTube now is the best source of income everyday millions of people open YouTube and watch different kinds of videos all over the world.

and the best thing about making youtube channels is that

Their are different types of YouTube channels like sport channel ,travel channel, kids channel ,learning channel or be vlogs

a lot of people are going to make vlogs about their life and this type of videos are following by millions of people every day so this type of channels make large amount of money every month

but you must work hard to improve yourself all the time to increase your followers

So you should know how to do this

The best way to improve your YouTube channel

1: the content

1:It’s necessary to choose creative and new ideas to your content

2: work hard to make this ideas with high quality by good equipment

3: be yourself it’s the most important advice Don’t make ideas not suitable for you

4: tell your audience by your felling

5: take the opinions of your audience about your videos and make their needs

2: the quality of the videos

1: improve the material that you use in making the videos by using camera with high quality and good quality microphone

2: make search about the new software programs and use it

3:make professional editing to the video

3: type of channels

there are different types of YouTube channels choose the most type that you interested in and people like it

choose the channel which you have a good information about it

Vlog videos is one of the most subscribed videos and a lot of people interested in it But there are different types of channels like news channels, entertainment channels, kids channels and so on you can make

4: ask another one to help you

if you need a help or if you don’t know to make somethings in your videos you can ask another one to help you who is professional in this things

or write post on freelance platform where you can find a lot of people who can help you and take their money after finishing the job

5: share your videos in questions and answers sites

it is a good method to increase the number of views to your videos because people are going to this sites to find answers to their questions

so you can share the links of your videos in this different platforms

6: reoptimiz your old videos

you can make re optimization to your old videos and change somethings in it to can get some views to this old videos

or when you need to improve the quality and the information of this videos

7: choose trendy topics

make videos about the trending topics because people are interested in knowing everything about the trendy topics so this type of videos will get large number of views in short time

8: ask people to subscribe your channel

in the end of every video ask the viewers to subscribe to your channel

so by this method you can turn large number of viewers to subscribers and increase the number of subscribers to your channel

9: make good advertising to the videos

share promo to your videos in different platforms like Facebook, Instagram or another platform to attract large number of people to search for this videos and see it

10:collaborate with other channels

it is a good way to get large number of new people to follow you and subscribe your channel

Because you can attract large number of the viewers to this channel to your channel by making interested and attractive videos