How to start a clothing brand from zero to lunch your product? How to make a business plan for your brand? what exactly you need to run your e-commerce store? How to get funds for your business and how to find private lender for your brand? How to get a team to work with you and how to select the best person to work with you? So in this article we will cover all the point you need to know to start your clothing brand.

How to start a clothing brand from zero:

How to start a clothing brand from zero 
Complete guide 2022

before you decide to start a clothing brand you need to set you business plan in which you will need to set four things 1-the mission 2-the vision 3-the purpose 4-the sales projection

For any business you need to lunch you need to have a starting point you need to know who are the best audiences you are targeting? what your plan for the next 3 years.

start to divid your goal month by month if you want to get 120k revenue in your first year so you need to get 10k every month and keep in mind seasonal drop as if we are in winter so keep in mind that people will purchase heavy clothes so you won’t get a lot of sales in t-Shirts line.. the best business plan always consider seasonal drop

If you are going to strat clothing brand so you have to Organize everything before you start.

Here is the main step before start your business:

Before you lanch you store you need to check your taxes and make sure that Everything is legit and to check it search in Google for “your country sba taxes” and get all information you need to start own company in legit way. And you should also open a business bank and separate your personal credit card form your business credit card. And i aslo recommend for you to have 2 business cards one to get your money and revenue and anther one to pay your taxes so if something happen and they close your bank account don’t loss all your money.

Make sure also to keep all sales and fees in file and save it on Google drive and the best thing to hire an accountant to save your time and finish this mission in perfect way.

Here is the main point you should start to do once you check that everything is legit start to write all tasks you need to lunch you business like

1- You need designer to make your clothes design 2- You need photographer to make your photo shots or videos

3- you need person for social media marketing

4- you need someone to manage your campaigns

5- you will have to hire a person to setup your e-commerce store

6- you need to contact manufactures to make your designs or you can deal with company to make a print on demand work. which means that you will only make your design on t-shirt once someone purchase and pay for it and this the best thing to do to save your money and your time

7- you need to make your own labelling for your brand and you need to check how you will package these clothes

8- last thing you need to check if you will be local or worldwide brand

so that to choose the best way to ship your products and know more details about prices of shipping

How to get funds to start a clothing brand:

we highly recommend for you to work with private lender rather than banks

as it is less stress than banks and much easy for you.

But first we need to explain to you who is private lender.

private lender is a person who have enough money or access to money he will give you the money or funds you need to start your own business and you will return it but not the same amount of money you will return money with about 10% or more percent according to your deal with him.

or you can deal with him to return his money and take 10% of you company revenue

whatever you deal but there are some important tips to get private lender

1-you need to have clear idea and plan to make him accept ti give you funds you need
2-you must return his money as soon as possible always remember that sooner is better for any private lender.

How to build your team:

Building your team is the most important point for starting any business.

as we mentioned before there are many tasks that you need to hire people to finish them effectively like you need to hire graphic designer specialised in photoshop and illustrator for doing your t-shirts designs and you branding like your clothing company logo, your designs mockup and all required things for branding.

you need to hire a photographer to make your clothing photo shots this will be something great for professional work

you will also need to hire freelancer for designing your e-commerce store and if you are individual and can’t afford all these things we will show you exactly in my website how to start and design your e-commerce step by step and start to get money from it.

and if you are a company you have to go to freelancing websites like freelancer or upwork or fiver or any other platform to hire a web developer

How to choose a manufacture to lunch your clothing brand:

I highly recommend for you to choose print on demand company as it will save your money a lot and it is best choice for individuals and new startup

Because by this way you will publish your design in your website and market it and once you get order you will call the company to print and produce your product and label and some companies also package your product so that is a fantastic way to start your clothing business for free.

as large companies or manufactures have minimum orders to start working with you like you have at least order 100 t-shirt to start printing or designing them for you and by this way you loss a lot of money.

How to start your e-commerce store to start your clothing brand

for any website you need to purchase a domain which mean your “” and host from a host websites like bluehost, hostinger or any other hosting website

bluehost is recommended by wordpress and the most popular hosting website check plans and prices from here

Hostinger also one of the best hosting website and has the cheapest prices among all hosting websites check plans from here

then you can buy your own theme which mean how will your store appear and the best seller e-commerce website theme is Flatsome

or you can use some of free themes that are installed in wordpress but we don’t recommend that. as you have to keep your e-commerce website professional as you can this will increase your conversions or your sales

Then start to custom your theme with your own information like titles and insert your products pictures and add your product details but try as possible as you can to write in description of your product SEO friendly description and you can use free tools like yoast or rank math

so this can help you to get more organic visitors from google search.

And for more less competetive keywords you can use ubersuggest or h-supertool website to help you get important keywords to start ranking your e-commerce products on google

How to Market your clothing brand:

marketing is the most important step to start a clothing brand from zero and get sales

There are several ways to market your clothing brand.

First of all using social media platforms like instagram, facebook, youtube, Pinterest are the best way to get visitor and sales for your website

for instagram marketing try to keep constant day For posting videos and anther day for posting pictures try to post a story everyday to get more followers and build a brand awareness and this is a very important step to grow your business

For Pinterest marketing try to publish 5 pins daily or 10 about one product and link them to your website. as Pinterest have millions of active visitors and this will help you to spread and market your products among million of visitors.

if you are looking for getting more followers on Pinterest and get reshare for your pins try to use tailwind website

this website will help you to get more followers and the best advantage is it allows you to schedule your pins so it help you to save a lot of time.


in this article we tried to cover all questions you might have before deciding to start your own clothing brand, how to get private lender, how to get team, how find manufactures, and how to build your e-commerce store and finally how to market your brand