How to convert views into sales on Etsy 2022

How to convert views into sales on Etsy 2022 in this article We will be talking about how to optimise your listings for conversion

and what I mean by that is optimising is putting all the elements in place necessary for your listing

that actually convert from the view into a sale but there’s a lot that goes into both like getting traffic on your list

so you need to rank in search which is positioning your SEO in the right place to be actually shown in the search results

if you don’t get any views that you actually need to be making sales to rank higher in search

the higher it’s gonna be can help you to get more visible more sales to make

Four steps to convert view into sale on Etsy:

The first step:

is kind of a combo tip and that has to do with your main listing photo in your title

the main listing photo in the title work together to get their initial click to stand out from all the other search result and get the buyer to focus on your listing

your main listing photo should be the best photo you have it must be eye-catching and also clearly and highlight the item for sale

if it Stark or not professional or if there’s too much going on in the pictures it’s confusing they’re gonna pass right over your listing

also be very clear and communicate exactly what is being sold so once they actually click through

remember you have 10 photo slides and I would recommend that you use all 10 of those photos and also listing video if you have one

Try to to make your list photos have different angles showing the size, the colour and the texture of the materials

every single thing about it is safer there gonna feel making the transaction because they feel like they know all about the item they’re not wondering anything

it’s also great to include lifestyle photos these are kind of photos that are aspirational it shows that

they can aspire to show the item being used in real life and helps the buyer imagine how it would fit into their own personal life

also think of the name listing photos attention and the rest of the photos are closing the sale of the

The second step:

focus on your description description it should be clear and concise and informative and engaging

so encourage people to buy your products and the best way to for descriptions is :

to start with a hook it is a sentence or two that’s really gonna grab attention so they start reading and cause them to be more interested in reading the rest

Don’t try to mention every detail but try to focus on painting a picture for the buyer of the experience this item will bring to them the more you can talk about how these products solve their problems or provide the experience they’re looking for imagine it in their own life

so make sure for your help to you some really good flow a descriptive words and sounds really warm and friendly their attention.

give them the information they search to know

Your description about your product can be written out in paragraph or even be a bullet point list :

it just talks about the size of your product, the dimensions of it ,the colour options are variations anything that you think they need to know by the very bottom on the description

try to include the links to your other listings shop but it’s not exactly what they’re looking for

there’s a couple things you want to really take special care with hearing your description

1- having correct grammar of course this is not the most exciting thing

but it really does help your shop appear professional cohesive and clear a section so for each of those different things you may want to have some spaces in between your paragraphs

2- try to make the buyer feel super safe super confident by having all the information in the description and your photographs and so this will make him feeling really confident and satisfied about making a purchase

The third step:

Step number three: is to look at your price point break the seal are usually not the lowest price item or the highest price item when you compare to your competitors so there’s two things that I would recommend you to do when you’re trying to find the right price point

1- is actually to look at your competitors try to look at similar items that other shops are selling that are actually selling consistently and successfully and see what price they have there

it doesn’t mean you have to use exactly the same price but it always give you a range to start

2- you can do actually type in a keyword phrase and see the top selling listings for that phrase you can also see a price spread of the different prices at similar items using that keyword phrase are selling to get an idea of the range of prices that sellers are using don’t take the very low and or the very high in there gonna be somewhere in between

Last step to convert views into sales on Etsy:

number four and the most important step to convert views into sales on Etsy 2022

is to focus on shipping price and price it shows that shoppers are 50% less likely to actually complete the transaction if the shipping cost was higher than expected to be

so you want to make sure that your shipping price is super competitive and on par with the other shops around you

when you’re at the shipping settings you can actually choose to offer free shipping guarantee for orders over $35 I highly recommend you offer this if you can

because buyers a lot of times will order more than one item to reach that free shipping therefore increasing your average order value you can always choose to be across the board which is awesome two days really have come to accept free shipping from most online stores remember if you do offer free shipping or the free shipping $35 or more guarantee that you fill that cost into your price so you’re not losing

Be sure that your processing time are reasonable because also of course customers really wanna get their item as quickly as possible so you wanna look at your processing time have a quick turnaround