How to make 25k$ selling digital products on Etsy 2022

How to make 25k$ selling digital products on Etsy
The secret to success to make 25k selling digital products on Etsy has to do with something that it just seems so simple but not a lot of people know it or have ever talk about it before

In this article we’re gonna talk about how to make a $25,000 with one digital product idea on Etsy and

We wanna talk about this because many people are searching for a lot of questions like:

1- how do I know which product to create first

2-how do I choose a profitable niche

3-and how do I know which product is going to make me the most money

all of these questions we are gonna cover on these article

This article will be so interesting because we are going to be talking about how you can actually see which product is going to be the most profitable financially for you

because We can’t really help you decide which is best for you emotionally but I can tell how you can decide which product will be profitable financially

with important tips for you to get the most benefit from your products

How to make 25k$ selling digital products on Etsy

We want to offer a different perspective for you so you can validate a product that will be the most profitable financial.

There is always a gap in the market meaning that if you search a keyword term and it’s a long tail keyword which means that is very relevant to the product and you see that there is more search volume and engagement then there is a huge competition if you started to use short tail keyword that has less engagement and less competition this will give you great opportunity to rank for this keyword than as people know using long tail keyword

so the market which basically means that you can be more profitable more quickly and maybe more easily than a long tail keyword that describes a more competitive product even if the search volume and engagement is really low and marmalade are you still can be profitable

for example if your store rank for short term keyword which have 25 search per month you can easily make money from it. no need for more and more competition to get money always think about being unique and search for being the only choice for visitors so that you get the best benefit form selling your digital product We will show you now a real case study to help you

How to choose the most profitable niche on Etsy:

when you try to identify the most profitable niche I highly recommend to make researches on Etsy itself so go to Etsy and type the category of the product or the idea you want to make and start to collect information what about trends and what come on the top search results and start to look at the best selling shops, try to see what makes these shops unique, how they make their lists, how they write product description, how they choose eye-catching photos start to get all information

Example to choose the most profitable niche on Etsy:

Example so say you are making bracelets so you going to type bracelets in the search bar on Etsy and you notice a lot of crystal bracelets are showing up different types of stones and that seems to be really popular right now there’s lots of best selling items that have crystals idea of niches doing really well

the shop that is making open up the shop in 2020 and they have thousands of sales going to the shop and look at their product’s what specific products are they selling

you might notice their selling lots of rose quartz bracelets or certain type of crystal that they are selling a lot of what you can look out for it using see which products most people reviewing

because that shows you which of their products in their shops are selling the most

and once you’ve found a couple product that seems to be really popping off and doing really well you might want to consider making a similar product for your own shop so another way you can do the market research and

How do I know which product is going to make me the most money:

erank tool I love it mostly for the keyword explorer tool so you can use this tool with the free version you just get a Max of maybe like 20 keyword searches a day

you can type in some search terms that relate to your category and when you type in that search term is going to give you the search volume and the competition

is also going to give you a list of related keywords in their search volume Etsy competition what you are looking for is search terms that have a high search volume

once you get the most profitable niche you can start selling your products and type a great description you can easily make 25k$ selling digital products on Etsy

Five important tip to convert your Etsy views into sales :

1- always choose eye-catching photos for your list, you photo list must be the best photo you have ever use to attract your visitors to your list

2- write a description that have all the information your visitor search for. try to make him super confident about your products.
-make your description in bullet points to help your visitor get a clear and informative info about your products

3- always search for keywords that are SEO friendly and put them in your description and to help you get the best keywords you can use

google keyword planner or hsupertool or ubersuggest

4- choose your product prices after you compare your competitor prices don’t be too much high or too much low try to pick your price in between

and don’t try to use the same prices try to be unique

5- always focus on shipping prices as many people don’t complete purchase once they find that your price shipping is high.

the best thing to do if you can is to offer free shipping if your visitor buy three products many people will try to pick 3 products to reach this offer