The best 4k vlog camera for YouTube ,the best options of SONY A7C camera ,why you can use GO PRO camera to start your youtube vlogs

to start your online carrier by making youtube channel and start to make vlogs you need some materials the most important thing you need is the good quality camera so in this blog i will recommended to you 2 cameras to start with

SONY A7c camera

The best 4k vlog camera for YouTube

it is the smallest full frame camera you can buy so with very small package you can produce very high quality videos . when it comes to make vlogs it has a flip out screen with super nice to be able to see yourself and frame your shot as needed

making sure you are getting what ever you are pointed at and be able to monitor your audio level because you can see your audio level on the screen

and also in this camera it has incredible autofocus and so it actually tracks your eye

the camera has great battery life so you don’t worry about swapping out batteries

it shoots 4k videos with 24 to 30 frames per second

this camera has in body image stabilization so this camera can do high quality vlogs because it has actual hardware inside the camera that keeps your shoot more steady

the lense of this camera is the Sony Zeiss 16 to 35 millimeter f4 lense and the f4 lense is the little bit lighter than the G master predecessor

it has optically steady shot like IBIS is hardware that is built into the lense that brings some more stabilization

the Focal range of this lense is 16 to 35

at 16 I can get a nice and super wide shot which most people need for vlogging

and with 35 you can zoom in and get more dynamic shots

also the lense by it’s self is good because it looks so good outside because it has ND filter

GO PRO camera

i can recommend GoPro camera because of a lot of options like

1: totally agree the GoPro really is a fantastic camera for beginners mainly because it’s automatic

so I can just pull this out I can hit record and I don’t really have to worry about shutter speed and a mature ISL

2: this is a great camera because it waterproof it’s dust resistant

3:i also like the colours that you get out of a GoPro

4:you ’re also able to shoot 4K resolution
It is a very good vlogging camera because and it is also very good for the begginers because right now I have a shotgun microphone and a cheap one and the media mode
So if you are someone who just wants to go on hikes and you want to record cool memories or get really cool underwater shot the GoPro is very good for you

so i can tell you about The best 4k vlog camera for YouTube