The best camera for making YouTube videos 2022 , what about making youtube videos with smart phone and Sony camera and GoPro camera

If you’re looking to start creating YouTube videos you don’t need a camera that’s gonna make it harder for you to actually start creating videos

So that’s why in this blog we gonna be talking about some of the best options when it comes to cameras for beginners some pros and cons as well as some features that you need to know about with these cameras so that you make the right purchase and buy the right camera

now when it comes to buying a camera I really think about two things to consider

1: is that the camera you go with gives you what you are looking for and is easy to use

2: the camera gives you the ability to grow with it

and what I mean by that is the ability or maybe potential to swap out the lenses are accessories like mics are leading to it all these things coming to play especially with different cases like if you’re gonna leave

The best camera for making YouTube videos 2022

1: first camera is smart phone

I really love shooting videos on the smart phone because it’s the most easiest way to start creating content because it’s simply just turn on the camera and go

So the smart phones the easiest way to just get started making YouTube videos

You can use iPhone because iPhone has implemented cinematic mode which gives you an artificial background real background an artificial background on cameras that you’re looking for that will give it a look

you’re going for an iPhone 13 is one of the best options to start with
I think it’s actually a great idea especially being all the things you can do with a smart phone you get good lighting in a good microphone and it’ll sound and look phenomenal especially if you’re out and and you have good lighting even with the Sun

and another incredible thing about using your smart phone the only 4K camera that you can film videos in and edit them and then post them like you’re talking at the entire price of crude on YouTube could be done on one device which I think is consideration but although the smart phone is one of the best ways to get started creating YouTube videos

2:the GoPro

The best camera for making YouTube videos 2022 

i can recommend GoPro camera because of a lot of options like

1: totally agree the GoPro really is a fantastic camera for beginners mainly because it’s automatic

so I can just pull this out I can hit record and I don’t really have to worry about shutter speed and a mature ISL

2: this is a great camera because it waterproof it’s dust resistant

3:i also like the colours that you get out of a GoPro

4:you ’re also able to shoot 4K resolution
It is a very good vlogging camera because and it is also very good for the begginers because right now I have a shotgun microphone and a cheap one and the media mode
So if you are someone who just wants to go on hikes and you want to record cool memories or get really cool underwater shot the GoPro is very good for you

3: sony zv_1 camera

next camera is the Sony zv_1

1: this isn’t a camera that you can change the lense on this is a camera with a lense built into it and it’s a very versatile lense being that it’s 24 to 70 equivalent lense

2: this camera shoots 4k videos

3: has no record limit

4: has a great image straight out of the camera

5: it also has a clean HTMI

6: there is an internal ND filter inside of the camera

7: and this camera has a flip out articulating screen so you could simply see yourself when you are filming yourself

8: has incredible autofocus especially eye autofocus

so at the end of this blog i Can tell you about 3 good cameras to make YouTube videos