The best seven tips to film yourself how to save your time and improve your results ,how you can check the shoots of yourself

Seven tips for solo creators to help them to film themselves and save their time and improve the quality of their videos

The best seven tips to film yourself

1: check your shots and test your shots

this step is very important for solo creators to be sure that the audio is working and the Microphone is turned on and the camera is recording and you are in focus

So you hit record and actually test out your shot and make sure you are in focus and then you can go back behind the camera and stop recording

then play back and listen to how it sounds and see what is looks like so make sure that everything is good

so you can be sure from the quality of the videos

2: make YouTube setup

make everything ready to start make your video there are a lot of ways to do that one of them is that you can get a rolling stand and put everything in the stand the camera and the light and the microphone

make everything in this suitable place then sit and Start recording

this step will save your time because you setup the light and the microphone so everything is ready to record a video

3: shoot your coverage

this is a tip for shooting B roll and this step is very helpful for editing

this mean that you can take a wide shoot and a close up when you are shooting your B roll

if you filming yourself for B roll shoots this will give you more options in editing because a Solo creator actually go out and get another B roll shots

so it takes a lot time than if another one shoots you

4: get POV shots

you can do that as hands free

this is additional shots that you are able to use in the edit

that YouTube videos was shot entirely by yourself and had a lot of different angles to go with because of POV angel

this job also can do with your phone even if you want to hook up your phone to something like the go pro mouth piece and you can do this and get some really cool first person shots

5: use a shot list

this step is the key because you don’t want to miss out any shoot

you can make this by using a note app and write them in the notes

so this step will save your time

6: shot in 4k

because it gives you the ability to crop into the shot and then to crop back out so it gives more flexibility for editing

7:invest in yourself

Invest in yourself and try all the time to improve your skills and improve your business

try to have a good quality equipments that save your time and increase the quality of your job

be yourself it is on of the most important advice I can tell you