The most helpful camera to make YouTube vlogs, the good options of canon m50, why you can use canon c7x and Sony zv1 in YouTube vlogs

1:CANon C7X

IT Consider great beginner camera for Someone who shoot high quality videos

The camera has 20 megapexel one inca sensor which is going to give you sharp and highly detailed videos with fantastic Colors right out of the camera

Canon is known To have the colors without any editing especially For faces

The autofocus is better with few firmware updates

This camera is full HD aT 24 and 30 megaplex/ Sec for vlogging and also has 60 frame /sec for Two times Slow motion

it has built in lense So you can’t change the lense of this camera but the Permanent fixed lense is Aqually quite good

it is great at wide and closeup shoots

The Focal lense is 24 to 100 mm and this lense is great at night Time and low light condition

This camera has built in Time laps feature which is Super cool in vlogs

This camera not do 4K

The battery life of this camera Is still pretty decent

2:Sony Zv.1 

this Camera has 4k really good lenses 

iT has bluetooth grip

this camera has a flip out articulating screen so you could simply see yourself when you are filming yourself

This isn’t a camera that you can change the lense on the camera because the lense built into it

has no record limit

has a great image straight out of the camera

it also has a clean HTMI

There is an internal ND filter inside of the camera

and this camera has a flip out articulating screen so you could simply see yourself when you are filming yourself

It has incredible autofocus especially eye autofocus choose block

3:Conon m 50

The most helpful camera to make YouTube vlogs

it is one of the best vlogging camera because iT is 24 megaplex aps.c size sensor and larger sensor will give You shallow depth of field affect and it is Simply make your Vlog much more cinematic

It has Large sensor and Interchangeable lenses So give You very high quality videos

this camera Can make 120 frame/sec for Super slow motion but only a 720P

This camera is designed for content creator because it is small in compact and super easy to make volgs

IT has input for external microphones

The autoFocus in This camera is phenomenal (The dual Pixel autoFocus

Which does a great job when it comes to face tracking and object tracking)

This camera is extremely reliable and quick and get great image quality

4: SONY ZV_E10

this camera is very helpful for vloggers and content creators

it has 24 megaplex sensor with full HD

it has 120 frames per second

it has 4k in 24 and 30

the design of this camera is officially has side articulating screen

the headphone jack is no longer hits the side screen as you turning it

and one of the advantages of this camera is it has amazing internal Audio

it has built in professional color profile which give you cinematic videos

but this battery life of this camera is short

so in the end I can tell you about The most helpful camera to make YouTube vlogs