25 Digital products ideas to sell on Etsy, what is Etsy, how to start your own store for Free and how to design Digital products to sell on Etsy for free

25 Digital products ideas to sell on Etsy know more secrets in 2022!

What is Etsy:

Etsy is a very big American e-commerce website focused on selling Digital products, handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. These items fall under a wide range of categories, including invitation cards, jewelry , bags, clothing, home décor and furniture, toys, art, as well as craft supplies and tools.

25 Digital products ideas to sell on Etsy

Digital product is an amazing way to make passive income it is cheap to make, you can make them one time and sell it as many as you can. There is unlimited growth potential because you are not having to fulfil orders, don’t need spend most of your day on your office to work. it the best way to create freedom on your life. we will show you now over 25 digital products ideas to start your Etsy store

1- wall art prints

Wall art prints a great option if you graphic designer or love creating pictures. this a digital product that users can download and print at home or at local print shop and start to make their own home decor. you can create them in different sizes and create variation and start to sell with few dollars to attract more people to buy it

2- birthday cards

birthday cards is another great idea that you can design it easily using free website called canva and it offers 30 day free trial to use pro canva and it is a very good opportunity to use pro features and sell the highest quality on Etsy for free.
try to make them funny, cute and simple as possible as you can so this can help you to make a lot of passive income selling them

3- kids birthday invitations

Etsy is a very popular website to buy birthday invitations especially for kids’ birthdays.

you can design it as a template or you can customize and sell them on Etsy

4- building plan

So If you have skills of creating building plans you can sell these plans on Etsy

5- bullet journals

bullet journals are a very popular digital product that you can design and sell on Etsy

6- business cards

you can create business cards so people can buy it and print at home.

You can customize it at time or they can customize it at home

7- business logos

you can create business logos that people can buy at as a template and customize it as they want.
there are several programmes that can help you to customize your logo.

8- business planners

These planners can help businesses to get organized or to setup their business plans

9- cash envelop

You can start to sell printable cash envelop with different styles and varieties pf designs

10- checklist and trackers

Checklist and trackers are a great ideas to start sell them on Etsy

11- Clip art

you can start to design clip carts that can help some else on his job like designing some clip arts for doctors so they can buy them and start to put them on their clinics

12- colouring pages

colouring pages is a great and the easiest way to sell on Etsy you won’t pay a lot effort to create them and you can sell as many as you can from this simple digital product idea.

You can make them especially for children or you can design adult colouring pages that many people interested on buying them

13- craft pattern

craft pattern help users to speed their process of designing their own products by getting the exact pattern and the exact sizes

14- crochet pattern

Many people interested in making crochet babes or other different types of crochet ideas.

so you can get a lot of sales by selling crochet pattern

15- Ebooks

this the most popular type of digital products that you can sell at any website like amazon or any other platform and start to collect money from it. you can create it from zero using canva or you can download plr Ebooks that people allow you to resell them and try to make some edits on them and start to sell these Ebooks on your own store on Etsy

16- Etsy banners

You can sell Etsy banners for people who intend to start their Etsy shop and they don’t have graphic designing skills so they buy your banners to put them on their Etsy store and these are great source of income to design creative banners and sell them

17- Excel templete

Excel template this is something that is huge because a lot of people are not good at Excel but they want to use

it so having a template makes it easier for visitors

there are lots of different templates you can do

you can do one for a business plan are you can do one for expenses

you can do them for all sorts of different things I think bookkeeping and budget templates for excel do the best on Etsy so those are great

18- Facebook covers and banners

you can sell Facebook templates that include things like the cover banner or the avatar things to make a business look like they have a coordinated and beautiful Facebook page there is a big market with business owners who want this but don’t wanna invest the time or a huge amount to do it so it’s a great idea

19-graduation invitations

graduation invitations can be a huge thing so in time of year in the spring

so if you have the ability to design printable graduation invitations you could make a good amount of money in a certain couple months out of the year off this product

20- Instagram story highlight

Instagram story highlight these little highlight icons are very popular among all Instagram users

and not everyone knows how to make them so you can make these and coordinate them in a cute design and then sell them as a package that is one item

you can create as a package and then sell over and over again to Instagram influencers

21- invitation template

So like the graduation invitations there are invitations to all sorts of parties the key one on Etsy specifically as wedding related events

and there are a ton of invitation ideas that you can create for people so that they can just buy your product digitally change it up with the names and then download and print at home

22- video tutorials

a video tutorial that is very popular and sells very well

23- light room presets

Lightroom presets are a great thing to sell if you can create them for people that aren’t super great at editing photos

people will buy them and use them in Lightroom specifically it is a great digital download idea and if you have a certain style and have that visual if I were you i will can create these presets

24- meal plans

meal plans: plans or something that a lot of people will purchase because it can be such a challenge to create meal plant that is both effective

and a lifestyle so if you are really good at making meal plans especially on a keto or low carb deits you can create meal plans for a certain amount of days or weeks and sell them

as you can also create just meal plan for male players with a blank spot and ideas for meals there are so many options that you can create an idea around

25- sell phone wallpapers

selling phone wallpapers are another examples of 25 Digital products ideas to sell on Etsy

How to design digital products For FREE

The best and easiest way is to use canva it the most popular website to help you to make your own products with premade templates which super easy for you. but in free plan you can’t download the highest quality or have some options like removing the background or resize your templates

so they offer a 30 day free trail of the pro plan i highly recommend to sign up for month and design your ideas they you can cancel it check the pro plan from here for FREE