Which is the better canon m50 or sony camera ? The different between canon m50 mark two and Sony zv E10 in the 4k image and the price and the stability and recording limit

when you have the ability to choose between canon m50 mark two and Sony zv_e10 you must know everything about both of them then decide which is the better for you so in this blog i will make comparison between both of them to help you to choose which is better

Which is the better canon m50 or sony camera ?

1: price

canon m50 mark two : about $699

Which is the better canon m50 or sony camera ?

sony zv E10 : about $798

2: size and process

canon m50 mark two: is 24.2 megaplex aps_c CMOS sensor and a digic 8 processor which is a great sensor for videos

sony zv E10: 24.2 megaplex aps_c x mark sensor and bionx processor

3: 4k image

canon m50 mark two: shoot 4k and is soft because you are dealing with 1.5 times crop to being with and that is 1.5 times crop on top of 1.6 times crop built into aps_camers giving you a grand total 2.4 times crop

sony zv E10: shoot 4k and the 4k image is super impressive because when you are filming 4k you are using an over sample 6k sensor that is mean the entire sensor is giving you 6k readout and then the camera is compressing that information into 4k image so because of this reason you get the best sharpest looking image

4: autofocus

both of them has great autofocus system

1: canon m50 mark two :has dual pixel autofocus when filming in 1080 p but when you filming in 4k you only have access to contrast detention only

2: Sony zv E10: has 425 point fast hybrid autofocus system which blends both phase detection and contrast detection method to achieve focusing performance that in fast natural and accurate

all the tests are done on continuous autofocus with wide autofocus zone and eye tracking turned on so this camera is done all the work

5: frame rate and formate

1: canon m50 mark two:

when filming at 4k it does a slightly better bit rate

capture 24 frames per second at 120 mp per second using h.264 codec and ipv compression

it has full HD 1080 frames rate and you have the options of 24,30 and 60 frames per second

it has the ability to film 120 frames but only at 720 resolution

2: Sony zv E10 :

4k UHD video recording is possible up to 30 frames per second

full HD 1080p frames rate include 24,30 and 60 frames per second

it also offers high speed shooting capacity up to 1080 at 120 frames per second

internal recording and you can record to external monitor through HDMI in the side for a clean 4k recording with 422 sampling and no over heating

6: best slow motion

both of them can shoot 120 frames per second

1: canon m50 mark two: Capture 120 frames per second at 720

2: Sony zv E10: capture 120 frames per second at 1080

7: stabilization

both of them has mechanic image stabilization but it only offered by the lens so if you have a lens that says is on it you are good to go

both of them has electronic stabilization but they impose a crop on the image

1: canon m50 mark two: the additional crop is on top of 2.6 times crop

if you are filming 4k on the canon the crop is as follows

when is off you have a 1.55 times crop is standard 1.73 times crop is high with a 2.2times crop

2: Sony zv E10 : in 4k on the Sony is off 1.08 standard 1.08 is high 1.19 here again are those tests but this time while tracking with a subject when is off you have a 1.55 times crop is standard 1.73 times crop is high with a 2.2 times crop

so it has more stabilization

8: lense options

1:canon M50 mark two:

there is not a ton of lens options out there and they are very limited in what they can do

i don’t think that this camera is a good option purely for the lens options because the lens will usually outlive the camera body

the lens are stuck with this camera on the m mount

2: Sony zv E10:

you can use the entire collection of e mount lense Sony has offer that way when you upgrade your camera body down the line you can still use your lens

in this camera every time you set up a shot find your focal length and get ready to shoot the camera would time out and reset the focal length

you can turn that feature off in the settings but you would burn through batteries that much quicker

9: recording limit

1: canon m50 mark two: has 30 minutes recording limit

2: sony zv E10 : no record limit which is very good for long interview and wedding

so it is good than canon

10: color science

1: canon m50 mark two: the color looks less artificial and more true to life than Sony

2: sony zv E10: the Sony’s blues were a bit too purple

not get perfect color straight out of the camera

11: battery life

1: canon m50 mark two: 130 minutes in recording 4k

2: Sony zv E10: 80 minutes recording 4k at 24 frames per second

12: low light

both of these cameras feature a fully articulating screen which is just awesome

13: dynamic range and pictures profile

1: canon m50 mark two: doesn’t have a log profile so we create our own picture profile which originates from the neutral picture profile with contrast set to zero

we did this test to get the image a flatter look to try and preserve those high lights and shadows which gives us in the end a better dynamic range

2: Sony zv E10 : the dynamic range in this camera is over the canon m50 type two

these profiles offer the ability to shoot low contrast looks for more grading and post the camera also offer s log 2 and 3 as well as hlg capture but keep in mind this an 8 bit color depth camera and s log 3 and hlg footage will more readily fall apart Abit when graded