The best 30 information about the Sony’s camera ,what is the best for YouTube and which is better for the begginers

when you decide to buy a camera for making videos a lot of Cameras are really great like the Sony a 6400 the Sony ZV1 and the Sony ZV E10 however they all have different strengths and weaknesses and for people just getting started are looking to level up their content these are all great option but which one should you buy

In this blog I’ll be breaking down all the features and the best use cases for each of these cameras to let you know all the information about them

The best 30 information about the Sony's camera

The best 30 information about the Sony’s camera

1– all of these cameras enable you to create great content

2– all of them have microphone input so if you wanna plug in an external mic you can

3– the clean HDMI which means you can plug it into your computer or laptop

and have a clean feed if you plan on live streaming or using it for video conference calls

4– all three of these cameras don’t have a record limit so you can record as long as your memory card can hold more as long as your battery can last which is really cool

5– all these cameras have incredible auto focus you never have to worry about being auto focus and specifically the ZV1 and ZVE10

6– incredible autofocus across all three cameras

7– let’s talk price the Sony ZV1 comes in at $748 here in the US

and the sony ZV E 10 with the kit lens comes in at $798 and the sony a6400 with a kit lens comes in at $998 here in the US

8– the Sony a 6400 and the sony ZV E10 are interchangeable lens camera so you take off the lens and change them

9– the three cameras shoot great photos however the Sony ZV1 has a 20 megapixel

in the other two cameras have a 24 megapixel count making them a little bit better for photography

and they are also better for photography because of the interchangeable lens factor

10– the sony a6400 and the sony ZV E10 have a APSC sensor meaning it’s gonna do a little bit better in Low light when they make a video or take a photo

11– the ZV1 has one inch sensor what do all that good when it comes to Low light

12– the three camera shoot 4K up to 30 frames per second inso

you can also shoot 24 frames per second in 4k and can also shoot up to 120 in 1080

13– the sony A6400 when you tap on to 1080 isn’t nearly as good looking as the 4K resolution in this camera

14– with the other two cameras being a little bit more newer to the market

15– the sony ZV 1 make better in low light than the other 2 cameras

16– the sony ZV1 has internal ND filter or essentially an internal sunglass for this camera

that when you shoot outside you can get a nice blue background and keep your settings intact

17– the video quality is better in ZV1 and ZV E10 because of the sharpness in 1080 and 4k

18– the Sony ZV1 is a compact point-and-shoot camera with built in lens however you can add a wide angle lens

19– the sony ZV E10 is the smallest camera and has just a smaller footprint which is nice

20– all have screens that flip back at you so if you are filming yourself vlogging you can see yourself

however the 6400 has a tilt up screen and then the other two cameras having articulating tilt screen

so it comes off to the side and you can see yourself that way

21– the sony ZV1 being a compact point and shoot camera very small battery

where is the other two takks sony’s famous NPFW 50 batteries

which is important to note works longer on the ZV E10

because they’ve improved it a little bit over the 6400 and the Sony ZV1 has a smaller battery

22– the ZV 1 they put the tripod screw in a very weird awkward position where

if you had a tripod play on the camera and you can’t open the battery door or the memory card door

so it is the kind of inconvenient but similarly to the A64 something or

relocating somethings you might want to look into considering I would give that to the Sun again

because I essentially believe it took a lot of what is 6400 lakh in the awesome things about

23– the build and ergonomic is better in the ZV E10

24– the stabilisation the three cameras don’t have what it’s called in body image stabilisation meaning there’s no physical feature inside of the camera

25– however the Sony a 6400 doesn’t have any solution to stablize the video

but the ZV1 and ZV E10 both have standard in active

and steady short meaning that there is a digital stabilisation

26– when it comes to the beginners for creating videos and taking photos I would say the easiest camera is actually ZV E10

27– the simplicity of the ZV1 makes it is also easy to use

28– if you are vlogging or make youtube videos the more suitable for you is the SONY ZV E10

because it is a little bit widder with the kit lens being 16 to 50 mm at16which is much widder

29– the SONY ZV1 is the camera which gives you cenematic video

30– to make YouTube videos all of them are very good because of all of them not have recording limit

but the Sony a6400 is over heated more than the other 2 cameras

so finally we cover all about the best 30 information about the Sony’s cameras

and you can buy the best suitable one for you