the best budget camera for YouTube 2022 the good options of canon DSLR and canon M6 ,the role of the Smart phone in vlogging

when you decide to buy YouTube camera you will search for a camera with good quality and high resolution

and if it shoots 4k or not and it’s image in low light and the battery life of this camera all of these things are important

but the budget of the camera is one of the important thing you must know before buying the camera

so in this blog i will tell you about the best budget camera for YouTube 2022 so after you read this blog you can decided which one is suitable for you and for your needs

1: canon DSLR

the best budget camera for YouTube 2022

like canon SL2 and canon ADD

both of these cameras are great for YouTube videos because they have great autofocus

Both of them have canon’s famous dual pixel autofocus where you can simply tap on the screen on your face and then it will track your face and keep you in focus

speaking of tapping on your face you actually also have a flip out screen which is great to be able to monitor yourself while you are filming your videos or your vlogs which is a nice thing to make sure that your shot composition is good and that you are in focus

both of these cameras have interchangeable lens capacities so you can upgrade your lens later on or you can change your lens even when you buy the camera and one thing to know about the lens in particular that it is the lens that actually gives you the look of your videos

the ability to choose the lens is the cool thing about this camera

both of these cameras have a mic jack input so you can upgrade the audio and plug in an external mic whether that will be leveler or a shotgun mic that you would like to put on the top of the camera or boom it

so you can get great sounding audio which is a kind of what I like to do

both of them are easy to use

both of them is great for creating YouTube videos

but they have limited recording time around 30 minutes

2: canon M6

this camera is mirroless

Produce a very similar images

it is a good option when you need a small camera

this camera shoots in 1080 and also has dual pixel autofocus

has flip up screen as opposed to an articulating flip out screen

it is a very good for filming yourself

has great stabilization feature because it is digital stabilization

very great camera for YouTube vlogs

this camera has interchangeable lens

3: Sony a 6300

1-has interchangeable lens

2- great autofocus and it makes it easy to stay in focus while you filming yourself

3- has clean HDMI

4- has short time battery life

5- it doesn’t have the tendency to overheat in warmer conditions especially you shoot in 4k

6- doesn’t have flip out screen or an articulating screen where you can see yourself

7- doesn’t have any stabilization technology in it

8_shoot in 4k resolution so gives you nice and clean image

3: GoPro Hero 9 or 10

it is considered as a great camera for vlogging because it is cheap camera with high resolution

you can’t get blurry background with this camera because of it’s fixed lens so you can’t change the lens out

because the sensor of this camera is very small and the size is very small it doesn’t do better in low light so you need great light condition to produce a great shot

so it works well in sun as a source of light

4: canon m50

To see

it is also very good camera for making YouTube vlogs because it is reliable and proven

it has mic jack input the flip out screen

great autofocus

it is one of the best vlogging camera because it is 24 megaplex aps.c size sensor and larger sensor will give You shallow depth of field affect and it is Simply make your Vlog much more cinematic

It has Large sensor and Interchangeable lenses So give You very high quality videos

this camera Can make 120 frame/sec for Super slow motion but only a 720P

This camera is designed for content creator because it is small in compact and super easy to make volgs

IT has input for external microphones

The autoFocus in This camera is phenomenal (The dual Pixel autoFocus

Which does a great job when it comes to face tracking and object tracking)

This camera is extremely reliable and quick and get great image quality

5: smart phone

I really love shooting videos on the smart phone because it’s the most easiest way to start creating content because it’s simply just turn on the camera and go

So the smart phones the easiest way to just get started making YouTube videos

You can use iPhone because iPhone has implemented cinematic mode which gives you an artificial background real background an artificial background on cameras that you’re looking for that will give it a look

you’re going for an iPhone 13 is one of the best options to start with
I think it’s actually a great idea especially being all the things you can do with a smart phone you get good lighting in a good microphone and it’ll sound and look phenomenal especially if you’re out and and you have good lighting even with the Sun

and another incredible thing about using your smart phone the only 4K camera that you can film videos in and edit them and then post them like you’re talking at the entire price of crude on YouTube could be done on one device which I think is consideration but although the smart phone is one of the best ways to get started creating YouTube videos

so in the end of this blog i Can tell you about the best budget camera for YouTube 2022

now you can choose which is more suitable for you and buy it