the best 3 setting for Sony ZV E 10 camera ,the best setting for YouTube,how to make it in slow motion and how to make vlog with this camera

Sony ZV E 10 is one of the best cameras you can use to create a content because it is small in size and can shoot high quality videos

so in this blog i Can tell you about the 3 best settings of this camera to make high quality videos

the best 3 setting for Sony ZV E 10 camera

the best 3 setting for Sony ZV E 10 camera

1: the best setting for YouTube videos

first make sure that your camera is in video mode and you can do it by pressing the top button on the top of the camera and you will see on the top left of the screen a little of video camera so you can know that you are in video mode

the second change is in the shoot mode you wanna make sure that it’s set to manual by go to the menu and in the second page you can select shoot mode and make sure that is set to manual or M

them select the resolution and the frame rate by scrolling down to file format and select XAVC S 4K

Then select the frame rate by scrolling down to record setting and shoot the video in 24P 100M because it is the highest quality version of 24 frames per second or you can shoot in 30 frames per second or 30P 100M

then setting your shutter speed using the big wheel in the back of the camera and scroll the wheel in the direction that gets you to 1/50th of a second if you select 24 frames per second

you must make the speed double the frame rate so if you selected 30 frames per second you select the speed over 60

Then using the wheel at the top of the camera you are gonna scroll that in the direction To bring that number as low as possible

If you have the kit lens on the camera That means this number most likely will be 3.5 because I have the Sigma 16 1.4 lens

I can scroll that number Down to as law as1.4 Which will give you a super nice blurry background

If you Shooting videos by yourself you will need tripod and flip the screen back towards you and turn on the light as you need

In this step we will dial in white balance to make sure that the colours are right

and I would encourage if you were doing stationary videos to not shoot in auto white balance and scroll down to the custom temperature setting and send it to about 4500

you could play with this base of the light you are using by 4500 is kind of like your daytime temperature which is typically the temperature of light you want to hit your face is a daytime colour light

so you wanna be around 4500 and you can adjust that up accordingly based out of your environment or situation

but just locking in your white balance settings will make a huge difference

You should make sure that you’re in focus no matter what we’re gonna change our focus period to wide and make sure that it always set to wide and make sure that the focus mode is set to continuous

Then go back to the menu in the forth page and select face /eye autofocus settings and make sure that is turned on it is set to human and you can right left eye select the auto

and make sure that face/eye frame display is on

there’s been times where I haven’t seen the white box tracking my eye or my face and this is the one setting that allows you to see that so make sure that is turned on

50% of video is the audio so you should set your audio levels at anywhere around 9 to 15

now obviously do some audio tests and audio checks by testing your audio and hitting record and then throwing your SD card into a computer to listen and make sure it’s good

but a good role of thumb is just to make sure your audio is around -12 to -3 decibels and that you’re right in the middle sweet for recording videos

It is better to increase the volume of your audio in editing and you’ll be okay

2:the best setting for vlogging

This camera has an incredible feature When and if you are using this camera for vlogging and simply the only change you need to make is to change your shooting mode

and you know when we were setting it up for YouTube videos we set it to manual mode but now change it from manual to intelligent auto

This mode allows the camera to automatically identify whatever scene it is in and adjust the settings accordingly

the nice thing in this camera is if you ever are using this mode and you want your background to be a little more blurry just press the de focus mode button

and it will blur the background behind you and then if you press it again it’ll make everything in focus

still make sure that you’re shooting in 4K 24 frames per second 100M or 30 100M

make sure that your audio is still open even though you are vlogging

there are few levels of stabilisation in this camera and if you put it on active it’s gonna crop in a lot of bit and it is gonna be a little bit harder to see more what’s going on

3:the best setting for slow motion

this camera has a mode called S&Q mode this mode this is a mode when the camera will actually slow down to footage for you without you having to do anything in editing and this point is very good for the beginners

so we select this mode by selecting the top button until you see S&Q on the top left of the screen

go to the menu under the second tab on the first page and go to S&Q shoot mood and change that to manual exposure

then you’re gonna go down to the bottom and go to S&Q settings on that page select it

then select a record setting you want your video file to be in

and then we’re gonna choose the frame rate

if you want your video footage to be super slow motion but I like kind of like medium slow motion

and If you record something it’s going to playback to clip in slow motion without having to do anything

now in the end of this blog i Can tell you the best 3 setting for Sony ZV E 10 camera

if you need to know a lot of information about the Sony’s camera you can read this blog and choose which of the Sony’s camera are more suitable for you