The best information about canon 90 d camera, the Design of the camera , the options that this camera has ,why it is more helpful for professionals

The best information about canon 90 d camera

When you need a camera for professional use like make YouTube videos or to be a Vlogger you need professional camera to help you

one of this cameras is canon 90 d and this camera gives you high quality videos with high resolution and very good image quality

and when we buy this camera we will find that the camera comes with couple of lenses , battery, charger and a strap

this camera release in August 2019 to replace the canon 80 d and it’s price is under $1500

it has 32 megaplex aps_c CMOS sensor and has 27,000 pixel RGB

Let’s talk about the design

The size of this camera is not large so it is easy to hand it

It has main control pad with a dial around it for quickly running through options that you use

In the top you have a backlit LCD display showing the basic shotting setting and In the other side you will find a thick mode dial allowing easy access to multiple shotting setting manual modes

It also self locking so you don’t accidentally twitch in bet shots

The shutter button is located just in front of the top screen and is angled to make it more ergonomic

It is 3.5 inch full color and fully articulated LCD touch screen this articulated allow you to put the camera any where so it is very good for vlogging

It offers a full field of view with autofocus points showing up in real time so you can size up your shots perfectly

In the side you have your outfit options such as micro USB.b and HDMI

The HDMI allow you to out put in lossless 4k which is actually quite a new features

This camera has headphone jack and mic jack

It has locking bar door for your memory card (this camera takes standard SD card and micro SD with SD adapters)

The battery of this camera is lithium ion IP e60 pack good it can still 2.5 hour of video time in 4k

let’s talk about the options

This camera has Bluetooth and wifi connectivity so you can use the smart phone to view and transfer media

The image quality is very very good

The sensor of this camera is the same to canon M6 mark two which is 32 megaplex aps_c CMOS sensor

it has 11 frames per second when shooting photos but it has the same 4k at 30 frames per second on cropped with HD videos at 120 frames per second

the autofocus has intelligent face and object tracking.

the joystick on the back can actually help you to switch between different faces and objects which is really helpful when you shooting wedding or interviews

so after explain to you the design of the camera and it’s options you can know that this camera is very helpful for professional use

So in the end I can tell you about The best information about canon 90 d camera