The best Canon cameras 2022 , the best options of canon M6 mark two and canon 90 d and canon t7 and canon G7X and canon 80 d

if you decide to buy one of the canon’s camera and you don’t know which is more suitable for you and for your carrier in this blog i will help you and tell you some important information about The best Canon cameras 2022 and choose which you love it more and which is more suitable for you if you are a photographer or content creator of make youtube videos let’s start

The best Canon cameras 2022

Canon t7

This is The most affordable camera That You can get for Photography

It has 24 megaplex high resolution sensor so you will get the same results as you would from a $600 m50 and $800 canon 80d

but it is not very fast camera because it only shots 3 frames per second in raw or jpeg which is really only fast enough for casual or hoppy use

the autofocus in photo mode is pretty accurate and quick as a beginner or casual shooter

The video in this camera is pretty mediocre and I genuinely

it has robust DSLR style body and it is rugged simple to use

canon M6 mark two

it is wide camera with high resolution

it is 32 megaplex sensor which is not better than the more professional cameras

this camera cost half of canon 90 d and have the same results because it has the same sensor and internal technology as canon 90 d which is a professional camera

the resolution is suitable for any type of pro level work like wedding, corporate work, fashion and products photography

and as a casual shooter you can get more than enough details in your photos and videos with an extra boost in quality

canon M6 mark two is fast because it shoots 14 frames per second in photo mode

it is 4k video with no crop

it has HD video at 120 frames per second for 5 times Slow motion

it has really speed and accurate dual pixel autofocus technology which works very well in both photos and videos which makes shooting more enjoyable

the design of this camera makes it easy fit in your jacket so it is easy to hand it

this camera has a side articulating screen and big battery life

canon m50 make one and mark two

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both of them have amazing HD camera especially for vlogging and content creators

both of them have a light weight and compact body that makes it easy to hold so allow you to make a lot of vlogging and a lot of content

this camera is very good for you if you need high quality camera and shoot in full HD and easy to use

the canon m50 is 2 types canon m50 mark one and mark two

Both of them are the same with small difference

Both of them is 24 megaplex aps c size sensor which is big and wide and gives you plenty depth of field

and gives you the professional high quality look

it shoots photo at 10 frames per and in video mode it shoots full HD at 24 frames per second and 2 times Slow motion at 60 frames per second

this camera also has 4k and the skin tone and colors of this cameras are fantastic

the autofocus system is really shines and it’s great at tracking faces as an object intelligently the touchscreen can also used to focus simply tap and it will focus

It has fast autofocus because it has eye tracking which is 30% faster and more accurate

the canon m50 mark two has slightly increase in autofocus speed and accuracy

the battery life of this camera is around 2 hours

this camera delivers sharp and highly detailed HD video and it has stunning colors and it also has external audio

it shoots both 24 and 30 frames per second in real time and delivers two times slow motion at 620p

It also does have the option of 120 frames per second but it do it at 720p

this camera has 4k at 23 frames per second but with low quality

canon G7X mark two and mark three

canon G7X mark two has an amazing lens that goes from 24 to 100 millimeter

it is very good camera in low light

but if you need 4k camera with external Audio you can pick up mark three

Canon 90 d

this camera is very helpful for professionals who needs specifically shoot canon DSLR and be easy to use

the design of this camera is robust grip and it makes it very easy to hold it

the button layout and ergonomics are designed to make your life easier

it has the same sensor to canon M6 mark two which is 32 megaplex aps_c sensor

it has 11 frames per second when shooting photos but it has the same 4k at 30 frames per second on cropped with HD videos at 120 frames per second

it has the same speedy and super accurate dual pixel autofocus

the autofocus has intelligent face and object tracking

the joystick on the back can actually help you switch between different faces and objects which is really helpful when you shooting wedding or interviews

this camera has very very good battery life it still about 2.5 hours in 4k video shotting

canon 80 d

this camera is 4k and HD at 120 frames per second

it has the same options of canon 90 d but with few hundred less

canon eos

this kind of canon’s is mirroless camera,it gives you the exact same specs as the best performance DSLR (canon 5d mark IV) with extra feature and it is cheaper

it has full frame 30 megaplex sensor that shoots photos at 8 frames per second and full HD video at 60 frames per second

it has 120 frames per second at 720p

the sensor of this camera is almost twice as big as every other camera in this list

this sensor allows you to collect more light that gives you clean image with more information and make it easy to edit for professional use

the canon eos shots 14 bit raw for photos and has c log which is a professional cinema level profile for professional videos

now I told you about The best Canon cameras 2022