The best budget camera phone 2022 , what is the best options of Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and comparing it with Iphone 12 pro

when you decided to buy a new phone for your personal use or for your carrier as content creator or as a photographer the camera is one of the most important things you should know every thing about it

In this blog i will tell you about The best budget camera phone 2022 and you can choose which is more suitable for you

The best budget camera phone 2022

1: Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

if you have tight budget and need smart phone with a good camera so this phone is a good option for you

the camera phone has 4 lenses so called quad camera

it has 64 megaplex main camera and 12 megaplex wide angle camera with 123 feild of view and 5 megaplex depth sensor and 5 megaplex macro

the front facing camera is 32 megaplex which is quite nice

When you compare this camera with iphone 12 pro camera you will find that the right angle and lighting gives the same results in both of them

in low light the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is great

You can shoot 4k with this phone but the built in stabilization looks noticeable worse compared with the iphone 12 pro but you can throw on the stabilizer in the editing and get the same results

the wide angle camera gives the same effect but there is no stabilization but the picture is too sharp and you see less details

2: Redmi note 11 pro

The best budget camera phone 2022

this phone consider as a great budget phone 2022

it has 3 cameras the main camera is 108 megaplex with f1.9 aperture and the 8 megaplex wide angle camera and 2 megaplex telephoto macro camera

it shoots in 4k up to 30 frames per second and 1080 up to 60 frames per second

also it has 16 megaplex front facing camera

it has good level of dynamic range and good contrast as well as hue and saturation

this phone has good balanced image

in the night mode the performance of the camera is good but some details maybe disappear

but this phone not has stabilizer of this camera when you shooting 4k but only available at 1080

so finally this phone give you high quality photos and images

3: One Plus Nord 2 5G

this model is good example to buy when you need high quality videos to make YouTube videos and high quality photos with good price

The best budget camera phone 2022

The main camera is 50 megaplex with f1.8 aperture and optical image stabilization

8 megaplex wide angle camera with f2.2 aperture and 2 megaplex mono camera and it has 32 megaplex front facing camera with f 2.5

in the day light the camera shows it self is very good

excellent dynamic range ,highlights and shadows are quite detailed

The contrast in my opinion is a little too strong but in general it’s not so critical

The main thing is the skin tones to look good and there is no problem with it

the perspective of the wide angle camera is excellent but the details are not fully there

it is suitable for a common post on social media but I would not recommend it for more professional photographer

in low light it shoot great with a lot of detail

it can shoot 4k videos up to 30 frames per second

And it’s conscious shadow stabilisation is well done

So it is great camera phone for it’s money which will be quite enough to content on social media where is the start of a fresh youtube channel

4: Google pixel 5A

new budget smart one from Google pixel 5A is not very far away from pixel 4A and pixel 5 but the change in the cameras are still noticeable

this model has the battery is better protected from moisture and dust

we get software from google that is mean that the picture is calibrated to the max

there is no telephoto lens in this camera but if you don’t need it his camera will be an excellent choice for photographers and videographers

the main camera is 12.2 megapixels as well as a wide angle of 16 megaplex field of view 119°

The front camera is 8 megapexel

in daylight and at night the camera gives a natural shades there is no feeling of over processing

The number of details in the shadows and highlights is very impressive

Of course in the dark we immediately notice a lot of noise in the video but we get a very smooth results though

You can also shoot 240 frames per second in 1080p which is very cool for that price

they also added the cinematic pen function which allows you to make leaner movements even smoother that’s the thing for b rolls

unfortunately you can’t record 4K 60 frames with a wide angle lens

if you are a person who create content I advice you to buy this phone

so in the end of this blog i Can tell you about The best budget camera phone 2022