How to make $4000 per month from blogging? What you will do from month one to month 12? What is the important things in this plan?

How to make $4000 per month from blogging?

all of us know that write blog post is one of the online carrier that you can make it from home

so i will tell you how to start from zero and make money

The month one

We need to do search analysis and write 30 topics for one niche but try to choose topics with low competition to help it to be successful with Google search as quickly as possible

so after choose the niche you will write, try to break it into 2 or 3 subcategories we want to start with

so your content gain good authority but be sure that the content that you write is good quality content to rank faster in Google

one of the important things you make is to link the topics together this step helps google to understand better where you expertise lies

also in month one we should look at montization for quite a few months because it really important to get that early

and also start with some products only 5 or 10 products you are already know you can say it as a recommendation by saying for this thing I recommended for you this products

in month two

similar as month one you need to write another 30 articles of search analysis with 2 or 3 subcategories and content the links together

and also continue to add some products

in month three

make search analysis for the next 30 posts and write 15 new posts

but now you can increase 2 new categories and be sure that every category you will write will increase the authority because one of the ways that google measure the authority is the content of your website

also continue to Link the articles together and put the products

in month four

write new 15 post but in this month we need new thing

in this month you need 5 videos by making YouTube channel

This videos will supplement your content and increase your audience

the last thing in month four is place ads because placing the ads early will help the testing for the ad placement

so izoic is the as company that is probably going to be the only ad company who would take you at this level of traffic

in month five

Do another batch of search analysis for the next 30 posts and write half of them

in month six

write new 15 post and make 5 videos

in month seven

in this month we are looking for higher opportunity dollar sign opportunity affiliate programs or affiliate products to get higher pay commissions and hopefully some higher conversions

so choose the products with high commission to make a lot of money

In month eight

write new 15 posts and make 5 new videos

in month nine

make search analysis for the next 30 posts and write 15 new posts

in month ten

write 15 new posts and make 5 videos

in month elven

make search analysis for the next 30 posts and write 15 posts

in month twelve

write 15 posts and make 5 videos

in the end of this plan we will write large number of posts and attract large number of visitors to your website and earn a lot of money